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Gain today- pain tomorrow; Ralph Frank on Freedom and Choice

    There is a remarkable consistency across each of the policy measures being enacted under the ‘freedom and choice’ banner.  The estimated impact of each measure on the Exchequer serves to accelerate the payment of income tax on the … Continue reading

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Heard the one about the Englishman, the Australian and the American?

If you are a fan of such jokes, read no further – the Social Market Foundation’s  (SMF) study “Golden Years? What freedom and choice will mean for UK pensioners“, contains all three characters (unsexed), but there the joking ends. This is … Continue reading

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

This blog predicted last year and this , that within the first three months of the “pension freedom grant”, there would be a Daily Mail front page telling us that we may be (pension) free – but everywhere we are … Continue reading

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The Pension PlayPen guide to your pension freedoms

From April the unpopular tax rules that meant most people had to buy an annuity will change. Pensions are having a makeover which will give you better choices and more freedom. But to take advantage of this makeover, you need … Continue reading

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