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Every first business Monday of the month, the Pension Play Pen Linked In group meet in the Partners Room of the Counting House in Cornhill to discuss pressing issues of the day.

True to form, we meet today (Monday Feb 2nd) to discuss the forthcoming pension freedoms and how far we as employers,trustees, consultants and advisers can go in signposting our staff/members/clients towards what we consider “good outcomes”.

Of course one person’s Lamborghini is another’s cash guzzling instrument of perdition. But are there rules of thumb that we can offer our staff?

  • Like how can you  avoid your staff being ripped off – (see the excellent guide from TPAS on tell tale signs of a scammer).

  • What if our workplace pension provider isn’t ready or simply can’t be bothered to pay out FADs and Flumps or even a big dollop of cash?

  • What about master-trusts- are they a panacea or just more of the same old employer liability?

  • Can you recommend a personal pension without being locked up in some dungeon in Canary Wharf?

Your staff/members/clients need you and they need you and me and everyone to know what they are talking about and more especially – how to say it.

With communication gurus as Mark Scantlebury and Mark Riches on hand, we shouldn’t be short of an opinion or too. I will do my best to moderate, but it’s you (dear reader) who will make or break this lunch.

Without you , we will be the less, with you , the more.

The details

The Counting house is about 200 yards East of Bank Station and is well served by public transport including a Boris Bike stand in Lothbury.

We go Dutch for lunch; this means we pool the bill and divide by the number of people there. This is known as collective dining – as in CDC (collective dining co-operatively).

Cash is the preferred means of payment though we recognise that for some the individual credit card +receipt is more suitable.

Get there for 12,30, I may be a few minutes late so if I am, please drink among yourselves.

The room is at the back of the pub in the gallery , though the words Henry Tapper or Pension PlayPen should solicit the appropriate signposting from Colin our landlord.

At least someone is allowed to deliver a definitive course of action these days!


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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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