In defence of genius.

Derek Benstead

Genius is not just misunderstood – it is persecuted.

Those who didn’t get Copernicus, Galileo, Wordsworth or Darwin did not ignore these genius’, they set out to do them in.

Bob Dylan when he laid out his Highway 61 album was called “Judas” by his fans and Derek Benstead seems to be coming in for the same kind of treatment for his ideas on CDC outlined last week on this blog and previously in Financial Adviser.

Derek’s enlightened views on how to build a new way to deliver pension benefits, synthesizing the best of DC and DB have come in for some harsh comments

Ok so Derek won’t be burnt at the stake and in the order of game-changers, re-discovering a system of wealth distribution that was only buried 25 years ago does not win Derek a Nobel prize, but the tweets tell a story.

The story is that in the face of rational argument, certain people turn to abuse when confronted with an alternative to their value system.

And when the argument is as clearly laid out as it was by Derek Benstead, it creates a threat that can only be countered by violence (albeit of the tweet variety).

Derek is not suggesting that either DB or DC are abolished, he is suggesting that a new way of doing things (in fact a way that worked quite well last century, is revived).

I am not a genius, Benstead is. I am his impresario, making sure he takes the stage where needed and heard by the right people. I am happy to say he is being heard by the right people.

We are not firing any insults back to those who vilify Derek and those who understand what CDC is about. That would be pointless.

But when I tweeted this morning.

this blog was what I meant(apart from mis-spelling Galileo!)

Genius’ are rarely respected, they challenge received wisdom and make people feel uncomfortable. They are heralded later, usually too late. The Origin of Species and the Lyrical Ballads were as vilified as Highway 61 Revisited at time of publication. These were some of the game changers that allowed our culture to move on.

Which is why politicians, business leaders and all those who care about restoring confidence in pensions should get behind the visionary Pension Minister we are lucky to have at the helm of our ship and state and see this CDC project safely to port.


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