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“Would you pay a social care premium?”

This was the question Radio Five Live’s Wake up to Money asked its audience this Monday morning. 2.5% off wages for the prospect of insurance against things going really wrong with your health in later life? The idea is being trailed … Continue reading

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Princess Margaret does it for me

Thursday night’s when the Pension Personality awards get judged. That no-one can remember who the current Pension Personality is , suggests that this is about as useful a gong as Gillingham and Shaftesbury Carnival Queen which I once entered in … Continue reading

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Why do we treat charitable pension schemes as if they were for profit?

Charities are charitable and  different – it should go without saying but it seems that many pensions people haven’t worked this out, Why are they different? Firstly they are not for profit and typically view their work as infinitely valuable in … Continue reading

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