Princess Margaret does it for me

We are a princess

We are a princess

Thursday night’s when the Pension Personality awards get judged. That no-one can remember who the current Pension Personality is , suggests that this is about as useful a gong as Gillingham and Shaftesbury Carnival Queen which I once entered in drag (and nearly won).

This year’s award, for which I am again will be won by Margaret Snowden or “the Princess” as our recent page “defamation row” (see above) has her.

She’s already an OBE for her work raising standards in pension administration but I reckon Pension Personality is that little platform from which she can build do much more.

And it’s about time we had a pension personality with a little profile.

“I’m a pensions personality- get me out of here”, was last year’s winner Ray Martin’s mantra. No sooner had he won than he announced he was off to run the Rausling’s family office (oops-Tetrapak pension fund).

Other winners have shown even more disdain for the title. Ronnie Bowie didn’t even turn up to collect his award, preferring to watch his daughter’s ballet (good for him).

Other notable winners are no doubt inscribed in some hall of fame in Incisive’s Haymarket offices but I’m struggling to remember them.

Anyway- back to the Princess. She is a friendly type, a dab hand at twitter and always good for a laugh. No heirs or graces on Madge.

What’s more she’s female (properly) and it’s generally recognised that females do all the work in our business.

Finally I happen to think that PASA service is what the DWP needs to set the standards to clean up the administrative mess that many occupational DC schemes are in.

So a vote for the Princess is much more than a vote for Royalty, it’s a recognition of a lifetime’s achievement in improving admin and an opportunity to recognise substance over noise. I reckon she has it in her elegant handbag.

Failing Madge, there’s Tescomatic Ruston, Booby, Bob Splott,Bain-Marie, and d’Herbert..and of course me. The ridiculous poll that was on here was of course invalidated by multiple voting from certain candidates who should have known better.

For those who are interested Booby and I tied on 90 votes with the Princess third and d’Herbert fourth, Bob was firth and Bain Marie and Ruston were last – losing their deposits.


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