Corporate wraps for the Sunny Uplands ?

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Today I’m due to spend all day discovering what the corporate wrap has done for us.

Currently I reckon I could sum it up in one word.


Of course it sounds better with a naughty word but that’ll do.

If I sound sceptical it’s because I’ve seen the numbers coming back from employers who have implemented integrated pension/ISA savings schemes and the attendant infrastructure to enable members to view their workplace savings holistically.

The numbers are not good. It doesn’t look to me that corporate wraps are going to increase savings rates much, I don’t see it doing much for at retirement decision making and I don’t see it bringing long-term structural reform to the rusty DC savings system that is due a proper radical overhaul.

I’ll blog on my return with an answer to my question but intend to keep up a healthy scepticism!

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