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Are IFAs missing the wood for the trees?

A thread , which is now nearly a week old, has over 1000 posts on it and it focusses exclusively on the tax problems doctors are having resulting from the tension from too much pension . That is, till the … Continue reading

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Dr Kate Lovett can’t afford her pension.

A psychiatric consultant finds herself paying more in tax than she earns. A spokesperson for the pensions industry opines. I understand Dr Kate Lovett has has a large increase in her DB pension, which breaches the Annual Allowance pension rules … Continue reading

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“A local solution – not a pension reform” the new NHS pension consultation.

Consultations on clinicians pensions are queuing up like ambulances outside AE. The last consultation was launched on July  22nd and has barely been read before being superseded by a new one to be launched “over the summer” which will go … Continue reading

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HR and the decline of empathy

I wrote to my HR department to tell them I had had some emergency treatment. What I got back surprised me, an admission that they knew nothing about it – contractual sickness terms  –  and a sign off that reads … Continue reading

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We don’t know how lucky we are!

I have just come out of hospital. I was admitted on Monday afternoon, had a three hour operation under general anaesthetic on Tuesday morning and left at Wednesday lunchtime. Had I not had the services of the NHS, I could … Continue reading

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NHS pensions are damaging the NHS – a doctor writes

    This article is by Dr Nitin Arora I asked to publish it as I have followed his work on twitter to help pension professionals understand the current problems facing members of the NHS pension scheme. As I have … Continue reading

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Affordability – is the NHS pricing people out of its pension scheme?

  Perhaps we are getting a little complacent about opt-outs? The FT has published research showing that opt-outs from the NHS pension scheme are running at 5 times the rate of opt-outs from the Local Government Scheme. When I first … Continue reading

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