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Three Auto-Enrolment campaigns you must follow

Some are born great and some have greatness thrust upon them  (Malvolio- 12th night) Well even the pompous idiot Malvolio in Shakespeare’s 12th night would not recognise my promotion to “national campaigns manager” for the Friends of Auto-Enrolment as “greatness” … Continue reading

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Pensions personality – the oxymoron is back!

After a year off, Prof Pens have relaunched their pension personality award and the long list is out. I’m a great fan of this award because it gives people a chance to have a little fun , big up their … Continue reading

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Why we must get resolution on pension charges

We shouldn’t underestimate the task the 14 members of the ABI have set themselves in promising to fully disclose charges and costs (see previous blog). 14 insurers have made the pledge but there are many insurers that haven’t nor are … Continue reading

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NEST For the self employed?

The “pensions landscape” ,as the FSA calls it, looks as barren for traditional financial advisers as a first wold war battlefield.

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