Play “FANTASY AUTO-ENROLMENT” and help 1m employers through staging

carefreeI don’t know who you are or why you’re reading this. I’m grateful you are though! Every day about 450 people get a blog from me, login to http://www.pensionplaypen or follow a link from twitter, linkedin or Facebook to what I write. Some people find me through googling and some hear about my writing by word of mouth.

Among you are politicians , business leaders and students. academics, salespeople and pension fanatics. You may be reading this because you support Yeovil Town.

Whoever you are and however you came to be reading this, you can help me, the Pension Plowman.

I need 100 people to use a new process that we have invented on

I want you to pretend you pay people and have been sent a letter by the Pension Regulator telling you (as an employer)you have duties to provide your worker(s) with a pension.

This may not be pretend but everything will be “fantasy” at this stage.

I will ask you to log onto a test site which will ask you questions about your fantasy company. We’ll ask you to assess your fantasy workforce , work out what contribution structure you want to use for auto-enrolment and tell us how used you are to dealing with third parties on line.

Your answers will lead to some fantasy offers from providers of workplace pensions participating in this test. You’ll be able to assess these offers and make a fantasy selection of your workplace pension provider. By the end of all this hard work, you’ll also be clearer on whether you need to purchase or rent supporting software, you may even feel you need to make changes in your fantasy business infrastructure or hire in fantasy advisers to ensure you remain compliant.

In short, I want you to take the employer journey that a million employers will have to take between now and the end of 2017.

All I want from you is your feedback. At each stage of your fantasy selection, I want to hear how it was for you. Every comment goes into the mix and helps us help those who will be using this for real , have a joyful experience.

Well “joyful” may be pushing it but I remain massively enthusiastic that this whole thing will be great fun, really interesting and could help you whether you have a company to run , advise companies or are just an ordinary Joe who would like to play boss for a couple of hours.

If you can spare a couple of hours, (about the time I put into blogging a day) to help me get this service up and running , I’d be hugely grateful. It would help that you do have a little knowledge about the UK workplace and you’ll obviously need to be reasonably fluent with a computer but I’m not looking (just) for pension experts!

Infact, the best help I could get would be from people who don’t know about pensions but want to.

To participate in this testing project please contact me , Henry Tapper at or call me on 0044 7785 377768

We will be having a great party for all those who help and for those who can’t make the party , we will have a cyber-party!

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