Disposable knowledge that makes us expert for 15 minutes

binForget about famous, how about being expert for 15 minutes.

I need employers to be pensions experts for 15 minutes (or maybe 3 or 4 hours) as I guide them through the decisions they need to take to set up and manage auto-enrolment for their staff.

The internet can make an expert out of anyone!

For fifteen minutes I knew as much about how to buy spectacles as any man on earth. A quick whizz through recent searches has shown me expert in Stockholm Hotels, how to get to Tonbridge and how to set up 2-step G-mail verification.

I wonder how I ever got to be so expert seeing as I’ve quite forgotten what I learned and did so minutes after my moments of engagement.

Those of us who have lifelong learning in pensions have difficulty with this concept of disposable knowledge. We retain information on pensions like libraries retain archived magazines. 90% of all the literature in libraries should be pulped it has only decorative value.

It’s this disposability that I like about web-based learning.

I want people who use http://www.pensionplaypen.com to totally immerse themselves in what makes for a good pension for just long enough to ensure that their staff get the best they possibly can. I want them to understand auto-enrolment long enough to make sure that their payroll and HR processes are compliant.

I no more want my users to become experts on pensions than Glasses Direct wants me to become an expert in lenses or Tripadvisor a Stockholm hotel festishist.

People learn , do and move on and it’s the move on bit that we have to get right. The internet is a starter finisher’s paradise. You cannot move on till you have finished and you must finish to move on. Until my users have finished the on boarding of their workplace pension, I want them totally engaged in my world.

And when they have finished I do not want to see them again.

I repeat, I do not want reasonable business people malingering on my site trying to become pension experts. Go away- run your own website, taxi-firm, golf course or whatever. My business is just one of hundreds that you will touch this year and I really don’t want to hold you up from doing the things that really matter to you.

Everything that I do over the next five years on http://www.pensionplaypen.com will be focussed on making the experience of researching, buying and managing AE workplace pensions as short and as sweet for my users as it can be.

In the meantime, if you really want to be my friend, come and join our linked in group – Pension Play Pen.

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