Am I being unfairly targeted?


The great sausage heist

It was all going so well.

We’d had a great day working and a great night playing and we’d made it back to chalet 147 at Center parks and were tucked up in bed.

But one of our company us was not with us. He was still drinking- and in the company of Keith Williams, a man prone to requiring a Chinese at 4 am.


There was no Chinese in Center Parcs.

no chinese

But there were sausages in our fridge and Keith knew it. Kapil was dispatched to fetch our sausages and when we awoke to cook our breakfast the fridge was bare. Also party to the sausage-heist, Rohit and Jacobina Norris- these things are not forgotten.


Fridge denuded of sausages

Later that morning, nutritionally challenged , I took to the Butts for an archery contest. 

But it soon became clear I was the target of the slings and arrows .


When Friends of CDC talked of Target Pensions – is this what they had in mind?

The evil genius behind this prank was not hard to spot


It was Dekka Benstead!

All this leaves a man feeling bruised, deprived of his sausages, targeted as the butt of Benstead’s humour and to cap it all nursing the mother of all hangovers.


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