How’s this for a rip-off?

Dear FSA

Are you aware of this firm?

Cash in Pension, We Can Help

Many people are asking themselves can I cash in my pension to increase their financial stability for many purposes, as long as you meet our Cash in Pension criteria then the answer is YES.

By applying for a Cash in Pension service with Financial Marketing Services you can take advantage of being able to access your pension funds well before retirment age and start enjoying life when it matters most, here and now.

Please fill in our application form for a Free no obligation consultation and valuation.

It is extremely important that you obtain the value of your pension immediately as the majority of UK pension have lost over half their original value over the past decade, why lose out when you can benefit from a Cash in Pension service that puts your needs and pension fund first.

If you find yourself asking the question can I cash in my pension please take this opportunity to fill in our Free Consultation application form for a free pension valuation.

  • I know this reads like I wrote it, especially the typos, but this is a “cut and paste” – in the old days we’d have said “sic”.

This firm doesn’t  advertise any FSA registration and offers a range of legal remedies including some form of mortgage restitution service.

Indeed to read its disclaimer you’d be forgiven for thinking it was regulating the FSA.

I’m not sure if it’s my job to whistle blow and so far they have only followed 82 people on twitter (including me) – but don’t you reckon this kind of offer is a little dubious?

Mind you, with the state of the personal market at present, it’s hardly surprising they’re trying it on so please do me another favour and clean up this seal clubbing that’s encouraging this kind of thing!

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3 Responses to How’s this for a rip-off?

  1. henry tapper says:

    Oh and how about this tasty offer to “offshore” your client’s pension;- received this morning from Oasis Land Developments Ltd? Clearly Pensions Release is a lucrative business.

    “We have SIPP approved investments in the Cayman Islands which may be suitable for your clients, all you need is clients/database we provide the rest.

    The commissions are 10% per sale (Commission £4,000 to £15,000+ per sale). Full office support her and in The Cayman Islands, IFA, solicitors and whatever you need to market the investment and free pension valuations

    If you think this may be of interest to you or you clients please let me know”

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  3. Peter Jackson says:

    It is happening all over the place, outside of the reach of the FSA

    Look at this Facebook page, as one example,!/profile.php?id=100001665291991

    There are a load more out there!


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