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Can technology solve our savings problems?

We¬†are putting too large a trust in technology to manage our pensions. The brave new world of Fintech may give us the pension dashboard, pot aggregation and robo-advised spending mechanisms, but are we ready for self-empowerment? In this article I … Continue reading

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Why it should always be cheapest to buy pension from the state

Much as I like Tom McPhail, his current campaign against the Government for selling rights to the state pension cheaper than rights to private pensions is fatuous. Tom has it in his head that the Government Actuary is setting the … Continue reading

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Is auto-enrolment any more than a tax?

Speaking in Birmingham last week, former pension minister Steve Webb, commented on how hard it will be to raise the bar on employer auto-enrolment contributions from the current 1% of band earnings to 3% "Anything to get AE pension contributions … Continue reading

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