10 reasons why I’m proud to work for @firstactuarial

First Actuarial Students

First Actuarial Students

  1. We have our Conference at the brand new Centre Parks at Woburn (KPMG hire the O2)
  2. Our clients don’t pay to hire the O2
  3. We don’t do fiduciary management
  4. We don’t have a vertically integrated mastertrust
  5. We let people blog, tweet and comment – we don’t do “thought police”
  6. We know how to laugh at ourselves
  7. We’re ten years old, 200 strong and turned over nearly £15m last year
  8. We don’t lose clients
  9. The 9 people who started this thing are all still here
  10. They own a wedge of Pension PlayPen

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There are people who think that we are uncommercial. That’s because we take a long view. Because we don’t have bank debt and don’t have to report to venture capitalists we can build our business at our and our client’s pace.

Clients who fund pension schemes are in for the long-run. Pension plans aren’t “one and go”, they need nurturing. We could make a lot of quick money out of pensions (and many do) but since most of us are under 40, what’s the point of a Lamborghini today and your reputation toasted?

Working for people who take a long-term view is comforting, I’m 53 and I’ve probably got 20 productive years left in me. I’ve still got my health and my sense of humour.

First Actuarial is still at the start of it’s career, just breaking out of nappies compared with some of our rivals.

But if I was competing with my pension scheme for the running of my business – I’d want to be speaking to First Actuarial on how to manage those “bucking bronco” liabilities!

And if I was a trustee concerned to make every penny in the scheme and every penny of my sponsor’s contributions work for my members, I’d want First Actuarial helping me out.


First Actuarial is a great firm- I’ve been working here for nearly five years and can say I’ve never worked happier. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary with a day and a night at Centre Parks, we’ll be working and playing and dancing and we’ll be bedding down in chalets in the Woburn Woods.

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No wonder we’ve been nominated as Actuarial Employer of the Year. Wouldn’t you rather be working for us?

First Actuarial Students

First Actuarial Students

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  1. Oliver Hartley says:

    All very good points! However you must remember Henry that Freedom is Slavery! Congratulations on the 10th year.


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