From aubergines to Amazon- the unstoppable Vivi Friedgut


I had been hoping to make an Amazon bulk purchase of Vivi Friedgut’s book “Money Smarter- a Family Guide” but have been frustrated by the book’s  being virtually sold out.

It’s turning into a phenomenon and is on the verge of breaking into Amazon’s top 100 best sellers.

Apparently they still have ten copies left and new stocks are , according to Vivi, on their way. I’ll have another go later.

If you haven’t come across Vivi or her work, let me explain; Vivi and I met in a City over a large pair of aubergines. She explained she’d jacked in her job advising the super-rich to work with students under the sponsorship of universities with funds and pastoral intent.

Vivi is a force of nature, of Generation Y but able to mix it with everyone from the Prime Minister down. The number of times I’ve been in a recent conversation that opens “I’ve been speaking to a friend of yours Vivi Friedgut…”.

Her book is about getting your kids into good financial habits and it practices what it preaches. In a pouch at the back is a CD which helps kids walk through a series of exercises which are rigorous and fun, neither patronising nor remote. My son who is fifteen has been teaching his step-brother (who is 9) how to balance his pocket money to his expenditure using this software.

It’s not expensive (£8.99) and will provide a substantial return on your investment, especially if your kids aren’t listening to you. Even if you don’t have kids, the book gives an insight into how we can provide a financial foundation to the current generation of children on whom many of us will be relying in our old age (unless we buck our savings up!).

Vivi doesn’t need my help- she is a winner who I’m privileged to know. Entrepreneurs like her don’t hang around and anyone who has the chance to engage her now is buying into something quite special.

She tells me that she intends to extend her work into the workplace soon and provide Foundation courses for graduate trainees and other young stars that companies want to grow straight and tall into the job and into financial security.

Her website’s . The book’s available on Amazon but 89p cheaper from Vivi directly using this link  .You can linkin to her here.










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