Social entrepreneurs and pension leaders ; Robert and Dawid

Some talk about it, some tweet about it and some do it. Robert and Dawid, my friends who run Redington and Mallowstreet do all three!

It’s one thing to muse on instigating best practice into pension scheme management, it’s another to chuck your jobs and start a firm dedicated to raising the bar for the most mature pensions industry in the world.

It’s one thing to talk about the wisdom of the crowd, another to establish a website that brings together 1800 of the most progressive, argumentative and overactive pensions professionals in the land.

That’s what these two youngster have done. They’ve done it on their own through the determination ,vision and goodwill generated by their extraordinary personalities.

Five years after the start of the great projects of Redington and Mallowstreet were conceived, they threw a party for the beneficiaries of their endeavours.

I hope that mine is only one of many tributes to these two social entrepreneurs who have brought colour and direction to my career and those of many I know. I hope that their influence will continue to spread for they are a force for good in what they do.

Robert and Dawid – social entrepreneurs and pension leaders – happy 5th birthday – hats off to you both.

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