Con climbs up Pigsah

And there came unto that place a man named Con, who was a prophet and Con said unto them

 Lo, I am sorely vexed for he that is called Mark of the Market has come unto you and spread his abominations throughout the land. Thou should not heed this man for he is a false prophet who has caused the houses that we have built for our fathers to fall to ruins and the lands that were fruitful to become barren. I say unto you that this Mark follows the path of Onan.

Then Con assembled all who worked in the counting houses of Mammon and led them from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo,to the top of Pigsah, that is over against Jericho.

And the people wondered at the sight  before them- for across the plain they beheld but the bones of their cattle and the dust of their temples and the land barren from plague and famine.

And they called unto Jehovah with lamentations and they cursed that they had listened to the words of Mark who was of the Market.

Then, as they wept, there appeared in the welkin a great light and all there assembled fell to the ground.

And the light spake unto them

Fear not oh ye that hark unto me , for today hast been marked by a letter that is red and unto you I bring a new covenant that is neither a DB covenant or a DC covenant but something that is mightier than either. And this shall be the covenant that I bestow upon  you this day.

This day I will deliver you from the bondage of Mark who is of the market and you will rebuild your temples and your land will bear fruit once more. For I am your Lord that dwelleth by the sea at Brighton and in the suburb that is Croydon and in the Isle where dwelleth dogs. And for this you will find an Ark within which you will find my promise.

And thereupon the mountain shook and the air was filled with the sounds of angels and there appeared inscribed upon the ground this link;  A Blueprint for Pensions.

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