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Sturgeon will treat the commons as her House of Lords

Well I’m out of here, off to Spain for a few days to watch cars. I’m running away from the grim reality of a Tory party with untrammelled powers, with a department of pensions irresponsibility and with some Treasury minister … Continue reading

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Labour in a kilt? – Pensions, politics and plagiarism

The SNP’s manifesto is a pretty shameless cut and paste of labour party policy. If your hit single was covered by your biggest rival and it was they that got the royalties when it went to #1, you’d be pretty … Continue reading

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The English have much to learn from these enlightened Scots.

The Library of Innerpeffray sits in rural Perthshire close to Crieff. It is one of the oldest lending libraries in the world and was established by Henry Drummond in around 1680. I visited it on a snowy day in April and … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with the changes in politics

When asking how people would vote yesterday, Krishnan Guru-Murthy encountered confusion and bewilderment. In his words “I have never seen before so little idea what to do”. The ideological certainties of left and right are confused by political marketeers targeting soft votes … Continue reading

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