Sturgeon will treat the commons as her House of Lords


Well I’m out of here, off to Spain for a few days to watch cars. I’m running away from the grim reality of a Tory party with untrammelled powers, with a department of pensions irresponsibility and with some Treasury minister parachuted in to manage the welfare of our pension system.

And amazingly I not only have a Jock running my football team (see above) , I will have the sweaties acting as my second line of defence against Tory imbecility.

5 weeks ago, I was in Scotland and met a lot os Scottish people who had it in mind to give us a bloody nose for Culloden, the clearances and (for those with long memories) Bannockburn too. I wrote about a chill wind from the north that would keep us honest and it now looks like 56 or so SNP MPs will be sitting in the house of commons.

My mind was set by a conversation with a learned man in the library of Innerperfray. He reminded me that the Scots are a most enlightened nation with historically high literacy rates resulting from an inclusionist policy to learning dating back to John Knox.

Compare that to the intellectual constipation that has stifled the debate down south and you, like me might welcome some fresh Scottish blood in Westminster. We could not a lot worse to listen.

Not that Westminster is the main event for the Scottish Nationalists.

For those Scottish MPs, Westiminster is about as relevant as the House of Lords. It will become, I predict a place of moderation where the SNP will be able to cause considerable mischief. They will be our Lords, either the lords of misrule or or fair government.

They will be directed by a woman, the only woman who will have political power in Britain, but that woman will not be in Westminster, she will sit in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

labour in a kilt

Amazingly, she will be able to influence the British debate while directing the affairs of Scotland.

For all the triumphalism of the Conservatives, they have engineered this. Whether by deliberate action or by happenstance, they have wiped out the Labour party not just in Scotland , but in Britain, as a party capable of power. In the process they have lost us good politicians like my friend Gregg McClymont.

The ruthless pursuit of power that has led them to ditch principle based policies for short-term vote winners leaves the Conservatives with the opportunity to savage welfare and implement the politics of the Daily Mail.

I am a Liberal, and I remember 1970 when my party got only 6 seats, I was 8 years old then. I have seen good times for the Liberals since then, moments when in alliance with the SDP when I was asked to go away and prepare for Government and moments, such as the last five years, when the Liberals were in Government.

I am very sad for the liberals and particularly for Steve Webb, the nation has not repaid the Liberals for the five years of solidity they brought to Government, they cannot imagine what the alternative would have been. We who are in pensions, know the tangible benefit of having Liberal policy guiding us forward and for Steve Webb’s legacy we should be grateful.

But to return to the Scots, I have hope. In practice, as the IFS have demonstrated through numbers, they are not the tax and spend party they have been made out to be. Their economic policies are in practice centrist, they spend on education but do not overspend (when has a Scot ever overspent).

With a Labour party that will spent the next five years looking as miserable as Milliband in Doncaster this morning, I have little hope. For the Liberals I have no hope. The only hope we have is for our elected lords from the north. They should have power, I hope and believe they use it wisely.


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  1. Carol says:

    Very perceptive Henry. I think the fact that most of the new MPs from Scotland have only recently been in full time employment, business owners and in Mhairi’s case, education, will bring a healthy dose of realism to the discussions and hopefully decionmaking in our national democracy. Too far from here to travel to Spain so I’ll be watching the Grand Prix at Home and routing for Louis once again.

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