Will Lovegrove – a true hero of auto-enrolment


For ages, I’ve been banging on about improving the effeciency of how we manage auto-enrolment. But it was only when I met Will, that I understood how to do it. 

Sitting on the Papdis group (albeit as an enthusiastic observor), I learned not just how to create a data standard, but how to adopt that standard and put it to practical use.

Will Lovegrove had the vision to do both. He – together with a small group of dedicated enthusiasts are the true heroes of auto-enrolment and I’m really glad that John Greenwood of Corporate Adviser has given Will a voice to a much wider audience. Here’s an extract from John’s article.



Will Lovegrove (with child)

Will Lovegrove (with child)

Will Lovegrove, Pensionsync

“Once automation gets a toehold in the market, everyone will want it,” he says. “If the micros are automated but the large ones aren’t, people won’t accept that, so we are using the high number of micros to move automation into the larger market. And then it’ll be tell bureau customers that they should use the company to connect with pension providers”.


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