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Dr Geoffrey Tapper – “Balm for both body and soul – and from a politician to boot”

This morning saw the funeral of my father at Salisbury Crematorium. Here is my tribute It isn’t hard to write about my Dad, he was a very public man , talked a lot and was much talked about. He gave … Continue reading

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Mittens- that wd stop em lootin

¬†“More than 90,000 people have signed an online petition calling for anyone convicted of taking part in the riots to lose benefits they get” Thomas Hardy¬†wrote a book of poems entitled “life’s little ironies”. He’d have seen the humour in … Continue reading

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Clegg4pm- strange things happen.

There is a very real possibility that Nick Clegg will become our next prime minister – albeit with no overall majority. Whether he will comes down to whether voters will retain their current sense of adventure or take fright at the prospect of something quite new. Continue reading

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