Help! Volunteers needed to pick up Pension Play Pen awards!



Here is an unusual request but one you might just be able to help me with- it isn’t onerous!

The first week of July is Henley week and it’s traditionally a time when we take Lady Lucy down the river giving lots of people we know ( and quite a few we don’t) the chance to watch the regatta from the river and from a 70 year old mahogany motor cruiser. Sounds fun? If you are reading this and would like to go , please join the Pension Play Pen Group and follow the instructions!

I don’t charge for the boat, people are generous and bring food and wine and the five days swim by in a dream of pleasurable narcissism, hopefully assisted by a bit of sun! This is our (Pension PlayPen and First Actuarial’s way of saying thanks to our friends – and making new ones!)


The first week of July is also  the week when the pension industry does award ceremonies. Pension Play Pen is up for a string of awards.

On the 2nd July at the Engaged Investor Pension Scheme Awards

Pension Play Pen has been shortlisted for the DC initiative of the year award (up against JLT and Kingfisher Pension Trust).

It has also been shortlisted for the Most Innovative Pension Consultant award (up against Aon Hewitt and Redington)

On the 3rd July

Pension Play Pen has been finalised for the Best Use of IT and Technology Award at the Pension Scheme of the Year Awards . Here we are up against Dyfed Pension Fund, HSBC Bank pension scheme, Berkshire Pension Fund, Zurich Pension Fund and West Yorkshire Pension Fund

On the 4th July

At the  Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards – Pension Play Pen has been shortlisted for the Social Media Award. Here we are up against  MRM and the Lang Cat, Finsbury Growth and Income Trust , Allianz and Contractor Financials.

We have been shortlisted for the Inclusiveness Award where we are up against FE and Owen James Group

And we are shortlisted for  the Crowd or Staff Inspired Innovation Award where we are up against Allianz and Barclays Life Skills.


Now here’s where you come in. Pension Play Pen cannot be on the boat and at these awards. But if you are a friend of Pension Play Pen and if you are going to one of these events, you can help us by picking up an award (if we win of course).

So please drop me a line if you are going to one of these events and (assuming you are at the front of the queue) I will nominate you as our award picker upper!

You won’t need to make a speech, you just need to pick up the gong and agree to meet me some time so I can put it in Pension Play Pen trophy room-(bookcase).


I’m not quite sure how we got here but we have! We set the LinkedIn Group up to avoid having to go to corporate hospitality and end up relying on those receiving or giving corporate hospitality to pick up awards!

I think I’m right to stick to the boat but I’d like to pay respect to the judges of these events and not just do the “no show” thing.

So please drop me a line on if you’re going and can help us out!






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