Should’ve gone to mallowstreet.

Well you should’ve, 18th May 2011. Red letter day for conferences. In one day;

The pension minister opens up on equal pensions for women, NEST, AE, short service refunds and adequacy.

 James Cameron delivers a keynote address on climate change

Andy Lopata talks us through meeting and greeting.

Daniel Priestley talks through how social media helped him build a business

CLG, Marine Capital, and F &C promote financial solutions

250 play African drums together

We debate whether DC can adequately replace DB

Amlan Roy delivers a stunning presentation on demographics.

My only disappointment, that there were only 250 of us, there should have been 1000! If you are reading this and you weren’t there then try to get to the next one,

If you were there and you didn’t enjoy it, please go to the headmaster’s office for a new life!

If I could pick one moment of genuine inspiration it was when Malcolm Callaghan stood up and was counted. His vision for DC (and he puts his money where his mouth is), his critique of DB but most of all his passion and enthusiasm for improving member outcomes epitomised the spirit of the day.

If I could pick one moment of perspiration it is picture below

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  1. Martin says:

    Conference sounds good Henry. (Almost) wish I had been there!

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