Championing better funds – well done Chris Sier

It’s good to see Chris get this award and see him in his kilt


He had a go at my wearing orange (flame) trews the other day , but I will not retaliate!

A funds champion

Chris and I have worked in parallel for a year or so. He is a founding shareholder of AgeWage and his company – Clearglass- uses our back office. We also share Ritesh Singhania , our most dynamic CTO – who Chris introduced me to.

Chris is the real done. A funds champion who understands the ins and outs of fund and asset management with perspicacity and persistence.

I’m really pleased he’s received his award, along with the Princess, who has no need for further praise from me!

I hope this year see Clearglass and AgeWage prosper and bring prosperity to Chris and his family. He has laboured several years without remuneration to bring us funds transparency. This award- transparent in itself, is proper recognition for his dedication.

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