A brief history of pension dashboards! Thx. to Richard Smith

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Thanks to Richard Smith for this! Richard’s views are not quite mine (I’m not a compulsionista or a single dashboard man!). Nevertheless  this info graphic is really helpful as it reminds us of the difficulty the Government has in keeping its promises!

It’s worth me pointing out that Richard’s history airbrushes the original launch of the dashboard by Simon Kirby in 2016, which was couched in rather different terms than those of Huw Evans of the ABI (see my recent blog).

If you want to get in touch with Richard, here are his details


Dashboard blog:              http://www.dashboardideas.co.uk/

Email address:                  heatherandrichard@btinternet.com

LinkedIn profile:              https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-smith-b15935

Mobile phone:                  07739 449064


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