Only we can tell who’s giving VFM on auto-enrolment support!

value for money

There’s been plenty of controversy in the last quarter about providers making upfront and regular charges for support. NEST have said they won’t charge – but employers need to be self- sufficient, People’s and NOW will both charge for support whether you use it or not while the insurers have a variety of approaches to charging.

Is it best to stick with providers like NEST an Legal & General who make no overt charge, or are they just pushing the cost of auto-enrolment back on to employers and advisers?

Is it best to charge for service up front (as People’s do) or as you go along (the NOW approach)?

Are those currently free, likely to stay so, and will they be able to sustain current levels of support if they are deluged with business?

Is it worth putting at risk the sustainability of your workplace pension in participating in the new business land grab of 2016-18?d

The people who follow my blog have been asked, along with others to contribute to a survey on actual experience on support that can help the market determine who is providing value for money in this area.

You can access the survey here


No offers of pens, gift vouchers, prize draws and holidays in the sun. The information you give will be fed back to the providers. published and curated to those choosing pensions for their staff.

Thanks for your help!

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