How rivers flow

Flood defence system

When you are planning a flood defence system, you look at how your rivers flow in normal times. Then you stress test your topography by filling up the rivers in your model, with too much water, you watch to see where the water is likely to go, who will be flooded. You plan your sluices and weirs and levees accordingly.

It feels like that right now. We are planning how to allow the wave of new employers to get through to steady state auto-enrolment and everywhere I read of people unblocking culverts and storm drains.

Our friends at Systemsync were at the Bond client conference last week. Chris Deeson, its CMO launched their Resource Saving Calculator, which helps those managing staging and ongoing AE compliance, estimate the time to devote to each client. It’s a handy tool if you are working out what to charge clients.

Aviva and Defaqto launched a guide on how to choose a pension, an excellent document which I am sure will go a long way to helping people choose an Aviva Pension but also draws attention to the importance – whatever pension you choose – of documenting your decision and ensuring that there’s some evidence for your choice.

The Institue of Certified Bookkeepers launched their pension portal with Aviva and LEBC, their auto-enrolment seminar on December 7th is a sell-out.

Wherever I look on my time line I see people helping the river flow to the see together. Sometimes, we see a log blocking the flow, a problem that must be removed. I often point these out on this blog. People mistake my ire at NEST’s pricing structure, or the missed opportunities at ICAS and ICAEW or my concerns at rumours at CPT as another obstruction. That’s fair enough – if all the people reading this blog were busy doing workforce assessments for their employers or clients, it could be argued that the river would flow easier. But we need ways to check that the river is flowing in the right direction- some would call that governance.


Yesterday was odd, because I came in for quite a bit of abuse, on my blogs and by mail. None I might add, that I’m concerned about. The lady on accounting web who wrote this

I started reading your post but it seemed like biased nonsense…are you basically saying you dont like it because its going to stop you from making money off the back off unsuspecting souls who go direct to NEST rather than through your Pension Prison Cell?

She is of course right, I am trying to create a bias , so that the river doesn’t flow into NEST,  and yes – I make money out of helping them do due diligence and no- I don’t run the Pension Prison Cell – but I enjoyed working out what that meant!

Paul Lewis has taught me that robust argument of this kind is good for the system. I was asked at a recent social media conference how I dealt with angry comments, I thought of Paul and replied that I do what he does, which is take them seriously in a light-hearted way!

Rivers are huge and you can’t control how they behave, you can try to predict how they’ll flow in full spate but you know, when the waters come, that all kinds of things will happen which you can’t deal with. You have to go with the flow.


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