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Last week I asked whether anything was going on at Creative Pension Trust, following a rumour of a split with Scottish Widows. Well I asked and I got.. I got a joint statement from both parties (and a phone call from CPT supremo David White) and you can read what they have to say here.


Unfounded allegations regarding Scottish Widows and Creative Auto Enrolment


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Unsubstantiated rumours have been circulating recently questioning the strength of the relationship between Creative Auto Enrolment and Scottish Widows, the fund manager for The Creative Pension Trust.


The rumours are completely baseless and the relationship has at no time been under review by either party.


Creative Auto Enrolment is part of the Creative Benefits Group which has had a robust and mutually beneficial relationship with Scottish Widows for many years.


We are disappointed that rumours, which do nothing to help improve the reputation and confidence in our industry, are published without effort to validate the source.


A phone call to David White, Managing Director of Creative Auto Enrolment, would have provided a straight answer to a straight question.


Scottish Widows have issued their own statement in support:

“Scottish Widows has developed a range of investment options designed to meet the needs of customers saving for retirement and which are popular with customers saving through a workplace savings scheme.


We are pleased that Creative Auto Enrolment have asked Scottish Widows to make these options available to their customers through their workplace savings scheme.


Unfortunately there have been unsubstantiated rumours circulated on social media, by those not close to the facts, questioning the ongoing strength of the relationship between Scottish Widows and Creative Auto Enrolment.  We would not normally comment on rumours such as this but want to limit the impact that things like this can have on customers. There are no such issues and we remain committed and pleased to provide an investment vehicle to Creative Auto Enrolment, to the benefit of their customers.”

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And now a statement from the Pension Plowman


  1. We now don’t have to worry about the rumours.
  2. I now know David White
  3. Creative Auto-Enrolment, Scottish Widows and the Creative Pension Trust have answered a straight question in the best possible way
  4. We can all move on -and let’s hope we can move on in a spirit of collaboration




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3 Responses to Creative Pension Trust – we asked – we got!

  1. David collins says:

    Should such blogs happen without facts?

    • henry tapper says:

      Sometimes we need to ask the questions to get to the facts. Read my previous blog, I was asking questions not spreading rumours. The rumours pre-dated the questions. The questions stop the rumoours!

  2. Allan Huddart says:

    Has anyone been able to speak to a member of “Creatative Pension Trust” ? I have been calling them daily all week and they are always “busy with calls” and promise to call you back before close of play on the next working day , don’t hold your breath .
    Really annoying as they are playing with my / our money
    Hope they find time to read this comment

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