Why we want you at our Pension Play Pen party!

You – yes you!

We’re having a knees up at the White Hart in Barnes, Hays have put some money behind the bar – the Racket of the Lambs have got  their banjos and we’re going to have a good time.

It’s not all paid for – we’d expect you to buy a round as the evening goes on, but for the most part, this is us, throwing open our doors to you!

Now I don’t know who you are, when I look at the people who join the Pension Play Pen, let alone the people who read this blog , I come over all faint. It’s 8.30am and already there are people from Korea and Australia who’ve been reading stuff on here, as well as a couple of Europeans and a number of Brits.

Obviously I don’t expect you to make a round trip from Seoul but it would be nice to think that on Thursday evening, someone who I’ve never met, came up to me and said

“Hi Henry, I read that article about the Pension Play Pen party and thought I’d come along!”

Now this may sound stark raving bonkers but it’s not. The point of all this stuff is to get together and if you come along on Thursday, you are going to have such fun, you’ll understand why we do all this messing around on the laptops and phones.

It’s a means to an end and the end is definitely about Thursday.

So what’s the Play Pen Pension Party about then?

Well doors open around 6pm we have the upstairs of this grand Victorian pub. There’s a sound system so we might do a little dancing, there’s a grand piano so Dick may play us some tunes and we’ve got enough musicians to get a band together to play some familiar songs. We’ve even got our own song books for a sing-a-long.

Then there are the awards; nominations are closed and I’m pleased to see we’ve got our act together with a brilliant program. Try navigating round this Prezi to see what I mean…


So you want to know who’s pension hunk of the year..or the pension babe? You want to know who’s got the best beard in the pension world and who was last year’s biggest waste of space. The Pension Play Pen awards , using the age old principal of the clapometre, will determine these issues. Power to the people as Wolfie would put it.

But it won’t all be that serious. We’ll find time to stand on the balcony and look out over the Thames as it winds round to Hammersmith and over to Chiswick Bridge. It will rain – of course it will – but we’re only a couple of hundred yards from Barnes Bridge railway station and that’s only five minutes from Clapham Junction and a quarter of an hour from Waterloo.

So there really isn’t any reason why you, dear reader, shouldn’t be that person who I buy a drink for, and there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t buy me one back!

We’ve rather forgotten how to have a good time these past few years. Meanwhile corporate hostility has isolated many of us from the notion of spontaneously doing something off our own backs.

The Pension Play Pen party is when pensions people fight back and with good old fashioned five and ten pound notes – orange and blue beer tokens – reassert our right to have a good time together without the dead hand of corporatism resting on our shoulders.

God knows – we’ll have enough of that at the Olympics!

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  1. Really sorry I can’t come – unfortunate clash with the annual British Society of Gerontology conference. If it helps at all I’ll be talking about the use of social media for serious ‘ageing’ stuff on the day of the party and gender issues in pension schemes in the morning when the rest of you pension peeps are nursing hangovers. Irony in there somewhere! Have lots of fun!

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