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So many things have touched me as funny this morning .

Sarah Poulter on twitter 

From my 3-yr-old this morning: “You’ve not got a small bum silly, you’ve got a big bum”. Now that’s me told.

Nicki Campbell on Radio 5 live asks a Mossad enforcer how Gaddafi might escape punishment

He could dress up as a penguin and go live in the Antarctic.

I read on the BBC that Haringey Borough Commander Sandra Looby denies mishandling the situation in Tottenham.  It’s tough on Sandra to have a silly surname and to be involved in public service in Haringey but most of all because she was supposed to have seen her riot coming

Community leaders say they warned local police about the risk of violence at a meeting, hours before it began.

I had been listening this morning to Anarchy in the UK on my way to Basingstoke. I was touched by the instruction from Sex Pistols chanteur Johnny Rotten to


Get Pissed


Warning- I predict a riot…sometime (over the next 35 years).

Behind the random anarchy we believe there is order. Our brains try to exert control over the multiple feeds of information that come at us..

Two people were jailed for sedition on Facebook. Arrest Johnny Rotten now!

Had Sandra Looby not gone on holiday the Friday before the riots; – had she stayed in Tottenham – we’d have had no riots.

Had Sarah Poulter not tweeted her daughter’s remark I would not have been inspired to write this insightful blog and wasted my and your time

Had the Mossad hitman not suggested the Penguin suit, Gaddafi would not have got away (I made that last one up).

“What” , you might be asking, ” is going on here?”.

We live in a world of multi media – just in this post I’ve taken stuff from the radio, twitter, you-tube. the bbc website and shoved them into a blog that you might be reading via linkedin, Facebook. twitter or any one of a number of RSS feeds which syndicate this stuff.

There is a call to shut down social media when a riot is on -some hope. I am told to stop blogging – to stop wasting your and my time. Sarah Poulter’s daughter may look back in fifteen years and ask her mother

you tweeted that?

King Canute- you should have been alive at such a time!

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