We don’t just need a dashboard – we need a steering wheel!

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Like everyone else, I think a dashboard to see my pension pots in a single place is a great idea.

But building a dashboard is only a part of it. You can’t steer your car with a dashboard.

21st century thinking must take into account that almost all of us are – to a degree – masters of our own retirement.  Unless you are dependent on the state or have a “wage for life” solution to the exclusion of an investment pot, you will need to find a way to draw-down your funds or exchange for an annuity.

The dashboard gives you the information , but it doesn’t get you to your destination.

I think we have a chance on 26th September to put to Government a blueprint for what ordinary people need and want as they are saving for retirement and spending in retirement.

Finance Edge are running the event, I’ve agreed to promote it. It isn’t cheap but for your money you’ll get genuine thought leadership, not the usual corporate crap.

In return for promoting the event, Finance Edge are giving me the chance to promote a 20% discount available to Pension PlayPen till July 31st.

So if you read this, want to go , then explain to your marketing team that now is the time to book.

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Corporate spiel below….


Pension Dashboard Summit – 26th September

The introduction of the Pensions Dashboard could be a transformative opportunity for the pensions industry, driving greater public engagement and boosting long-term savings. But at the same time, the Dashboard threatens to add costs, put pressure on fees and undermine financial advisers.

Join senior experts at the Pensions Dashboard Summit on 26 September in London for a timely opportunity to discuss the key issues and remaining uncertainties – and to work out what you should be doing now to position yourselves for the new opportunities that change is bringing.

Pensions Dashboard experts leading these discussions include:

  • Dr Christopher Sier, Chair, Working Group, Disclosure Costs and Charges for Institutional Investors, FCA
  • Ben Piggott, DC Plan Secretary, Royal Mail Pension Scheme
  • Colin Clarke, Head of Regulatory Change, Legal & General
  • Adrian Boulding, Director of Policy, NOWPensions
  • Anders Lundstrom, CEO, MinPension, Sweden
  • Daniel Taylor, Director, Trafalgar House
  • Dinesh Visavadia, Director, ITS Trustees
  • Henry Tapper, Director, First Actuarial
  • Jamie Jenkins, Head of Pensions Strategy, Standard Life
  • John Lawson, Head of Policy, Retirement Solutions, Aviva
  • Joe Craig, Writer, QuietRoom
  • Mark Rowlands, Director of Customer Engagement, NEST
  • Melinda Riley, Head of Policy & Technical, The Pension Advisory Service
  • Michael Rasch, Divisional Director, PensionInfo, Denmark
  • Michael Watkins, Head of Operations, SmartPensions
  • Morten Nilsson, former CEO and founder, NOWPension
  • Peter Glancy, Head of Policy Development, Scottish Widows
  • Rob Yuille, Assistant Director, Head of Retirement Policy, ABI
  • Romi Samova, Founder, Pensionbee
  • Sarah Luheshi, Deputy Director, The Pensions Policy Institute
  • Tom McPhail, Head of Policy, Hargreaves Landsdowne

View the agenda here | Register now

Pensions Dashboard Summit | 26 September in London

#pensionsdashboardsummit | www.finance-edge.com/pensionsdashboard

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3 Responses to We don’t just need a dashboard – we need a steering wheel!

  1. John Mather says:

    Interesting few days on the blog, might I suggest that before driving the dashboard around or even touching the steering wheel that you buy a map and decide where to go. From an earlier item this week another way of looking at the 6% who made a good job of the journey is that they engaged and IFA or other advice to help at an early stage so where provided with a map, the speed of travel and the direction plus available alternative routes. Advice on the journey enabled roadblocks to be navigated or anticipated. The problem is the spectrum of skills and how to judge how to decide who to trust

    Also, we need to persuade Government to allow all to fulfill the contracted journey allowing all to drive on the same said of the road rather than the present system phasing in a drive on the right change starting with trucks this week and cars next

  2. John Mather says:

    don’t you hate predictive text..

  3. George Kirrin says:

    It’s a pity members of pension schemes and their representatives have to pay ticket prices on top of travel and acccommodation costs to attend such events.

    And while I broadly support charging even higher ticket prices to consultants and other service providers, we know who ultimately pays those costs – the members or the scheme sponsors who will then past costs on to their customers.

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