Pension PlayPen wins 7 and is shortlisted for a further 9 awards

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For the second year running, Pension PlayPen has been short-listed for the Payroll World Technology Award. Pension Play Pen has also been shortlisted for the small schemes auto-enrolment implementation award. These nominations come on the back of Henry Tapper, Pension PlayPen’s founder being included in the Payroll World Top 50 earlier this year.

This is not the first time Pension PlayPen, still in its first year of trading has been nominated. It has been nominated for the best use of Technology in the Professional Pensions Scheme of the Year Award, a finalist for the Workplace and Savings auto-enrolment technology award and shortlisted for Provider of the Year in the Pensions Age  and Workplace Pension Benefits Awards

Henry has been nominated as Pension Personality of the year an incredible 4 times including 2014!

Even more impressively PensionPlayPen and Henry Tapper have won 7 national awards this year alone

  1. Engaged Investor Most Innovative Pension Consultancy of the Year
  2. Actuarial Post Social Media Champion of the Year
  3. Mallowstreet  Pension Innovation Champion of the Year
  4. Mallowstreet Peer to Peer Industry Personality of the Year (Henry Tapper)
  5. Investment Marketing Association Judges Overall Award  (Henry Tapper)
  6. Investment Marketing Association Social Media Award
  7. Investment Marketing Association Innovation Award

Henry Tapper, Founding Editor of Pension PlayPen commented

We love winning awards and we’re really excited about the possibility of being finalists in The Pitch 100 and the RBS GB Entrepreneurs Awards. It shows that pensions doesn’t have to be dull and doesn’t have to talk to itself. There are 1.2m firms still to auto-enrol and they need the fun, energetic approach of the Pension Play Pen, That it’s seven times a winner only goes to show Britain can’t have too much of a good thing!

Pension PlayPen  trades as . It is an online resource for accountants, book-keepers,IFAs and employers to choose the best pension for auto-enrolment and future-proof themselves by providing themselves with a fully documented audit-trail for less than £500.

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