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If you’ve been reading last week’s blogs you may have spotted a plan developing.

I’m certain that collective DC is the way forward for all but a small minority of us who will be drawing on funded pensions.

I’m certain that we will still be saying this in 2021 unless someone comes up with a way of converting words into action.

My blog yesterday on “Cyberbury” introduced the idea not so much of the wisdom of the crowd as the wisdom of the cloud.  Most of us are aware of the term “cloud computing” without quite being able to pin it down. My understanding is that from the “Babel” that is the twitter timeline, the blogosphere, Linkedin , Facebook… trends develop.

Within the firmament, certain clouds become so laden with humidity and electricity that they eventually burst – these clouds are the cyber-rainmakers! Within cyber communities certain individuals make most noise- I think of Rob and Dawid at mallowstreet, Mark Rowlinson at First Actuarial, Hamish Wilson at his eponymous firm.

Individually we have no voice, no rain-making capacity. Collectively our voice can be heard, witness the influence we’ve had on the RPI/CPI debate. This is a new kind of lobbying that works when Government are listening and when those seeking innovation are well organised. We are at that moment in time when the means of organisation, the propensity of Government to listen and the will of those seeking change has coincided.

Let’s use

the means- the Cloud,

the voice- the Crowd,

to change the rules and make things happen.

 Get onto the cloud,

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3 Responses to Hey- You – Get onto the cloud

  1. Dan Zwicker says:

    The ‘cloud’ is where the generations between the ages of 7 – 40+ live.

    It is the direction in which the PC industry is heading. The device of choice is the Smartphone.

    For evidence of the ubiquitous use of these devices we need look no further than the seismic political events in the Middle East and Africa.

    Marketing and communication influence is shifting from large institutions to the public.

    At the heart of this change is the availablity of real time information and awareness from every ‘corner’ of the globe.

    The generation leading this change are designing and implementing the communications world in which we live.

    Freedom of choice is a key a driver.

  2. henry tapper says:

    Thanks Dan

    Reckon as you are bang on about this.

    If a bunch of resolute individuals can bring down tryrannical Governments, then let’s hope we can do a little to make this place (Britain) we live in a little better and not leave it to some pompous politicians from a select group of Britain’s “finest schools” (chips flying out of the pan!_

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