Magnanimous in defeat


On a day when my beloved LibDems took a kicking and the prospects of Proportional Representation receded another 25 years, Tapper was pipped at the post by Ronnie Bowie

What a shocker! 8000 e-mails sent, 1000 people show up and vote for their top personality and half the votes cast are never collected sitting in the stupid voting boxes as Bowie is declared the winner – not that he’s there to collect as he’s watching one of his kids in the school play.

As one of my colleagues put it, if you win you get a bonus, if you lose and Ronnie doesn’t win you keep your job but if Ronnie wins

No sour grapes then.

Thanks to all who wore the badges, and the sashes and for the votes (whether counted or not). Most of all thanks to Jenny and Donna for running the campaign.

The net result of all this is a whole bunch of people had a whole lot of fun and even though we didn’t win, we contributed to a great night out.

Big congrats to the Aon Hewitt team for the blimp- the blimp is awesome  and were it not that Aon Hewitt sponsor the scum, they would now be my second favourite actuarial consultancy.

Big thanks to my pals at First Actuarial for being such fantastic sports, what a great company to work for!

Sadly I pushed off prior to the big-time dance action (though I got a quick one in with Freemers and Big Hair – sadly shorn for the occasion). News is that Red Raw was once again seen Dancing on the floor – not since the late 90s has the follicly challenged supremo of  Blewitt received such rave reviews. News also is of RJ Gardner and his spectacular Dirty Dancing routine which is the talk of the tweets this am.

All photos to me. I’ll be posting the meagre shots I took later but we could do with a documentary record of a bloody good night.

To all at Incisive – well done boys and girls – what would we do without you even if you couldn’t run an election in Zimbabwe!

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