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Consolidation – Darren Jefferson says it’s only just begun.

It’s all around us, auto motive manufacturers, lawyers, employee benefit consultants, you name it. The same reasons for the deal are usually given whether you believe them or not, ‘We complement each other really well’ ‘it will allow us to … Continue reading

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What are Chinese walls made of ?

Darren Jefferson asks just how robust are these Chinese Walls   I made a point of counting how many times during a typical week, the term ‘Chinese Walls’ was used by a variety of advisers. I got to eight so … Continue reading

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Other people’s money- other people’s lives.

  I received this blog/testimony from Darren Jefferson, who many will know for his work in setting up auto-enrolment schemes over the past five years. The title’s my own, the words are his.   Don’t take other people’s money for … Continue reading

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