Opperman links launch of 2017 AE reforms to wash-up of small pots

Time for some “AE” housekeeping

Guy Opperman clearly enjoys twitter, he has mastered the production of a twitter thread (a series of micro-blogs that can develop an argument without fear of interruption). Here is the latest, which while being overly triumphal, contains some strong messages and poses some interesting questions (which this blog will pick up on). Here is the thread.

I like the Minister considering his Chinese counterpart, like all pension ministers, Guy Opperman has to speak in code and like the Chinese, he knows exactly how to embed political messages in the grandiose rhetoric of the mandarin!

So what is the message. Jo Cumbo smelt it out:-

The thread makes it clear through its sequence where the Minister’s head is on this. He is not dishing out more auto-enrolment contributions to the ABI (who profit from bigger pots) until the ABI and other pension providers

A. Find a way to consolidate small pots

B. Show they can get their data on the pension dashboard.

To use a household analogy, “no second course, till you’ve done the washing up”.

The pots are clearly back in the sink and they need to be cleaned up for the dashboard and reduced to manageable proportions through some energetic housework.

Like all good mandarins, the Pensions Minister has some superpowers which can best be hinted at. Twitter threads are a happy way to hint at them.

Ministers have super powers


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