MaPS faces up to the public as “Moneyhelper”

After a lengthy “journey”, MaPS has decided that “Money and Pensions Service, The Pensions Advisory Service, the Money Advice Service and Pension Wise can all be replaced by a new consumer facing brand which will arrive as lockdown lifts as MoneyHelper.

While undoubtedly a softer brand than those that preceded it, MoneyHelper to have dispensed with two important words that summed up its previous function – those words are “pensions” and “advice”. I suspect that these are the two most googled words from those looking for help with their money.

The launch of the new name was a difficult affair as it was hosted on a system that didn’t work very well. It had an opening address from Caroline Siarkiewicz, MaPS CEO who immediately disappeared from view.  It came only a couple of years after  the MaPS brand was  launched with similar fanfares, as the consumer facing brand.

We were told that MaPS is trying to shed its image of being a Government Agency. “MoneyHelper” is  the way for people to think of it as what it wants to be , not what it is. This is of course what brands do, but I suspect that it will take more than a new name to win our hearts and minds.

Here is Caroline Siarkiewicz on the new name. I wish it well.

“The arrival of MoneyHelper is an exciting next phase in our journey to improve the lives of people across the UK. MoneyHelper will be a single destination that allows people to more easily find and access free money and pensions support. Often money matters are complex; and we know that many people looking for help with money or pensions worries do not know where to start.

“MoneyHelper will be uniquely placed to empower people to inform themselves of their choices and improve their financial wellbeing across their lifetimes. It will also better link people with other free support services, if that’s what is right for them.

“The new single brand will allow MaPS greater efficiencies so our efforts can be better focussed on delivering for people across the UK. It will also make it easier for our growing network of partners to refer people to our services, information and tools, and help to improve the UK’s financial and overall wellbeing.”

Money Helper- distancing itself from HM Government

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  1. Adrian f says:

    Henry. I wonder if maps actually thought about how many other websites out there respond to money helper or its derivatives when typed because there are a lot and I can see people being diverted to an incorrect one.and especially the debt consolidation ones

  2. Liz says:

    I stumbled across what I am sure is the test site for money helper

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