Coronavirus – 5 reasons to stay calm

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My family (and other readers) are not feeling calm about Coronavirus. They are anxious and this is contributing to a secondary – mental hardship. This blog is not written from a medical perspective , but I hope it helps those who are anxious, not to be.

  1. You are not being complacent – by not being anxious. As regards this virus we- the general public- have  very simple responsibilities.

2.  Financially, you will get over it. You currently feel like you’ve lost money and will lose more. If you cashed in your pension or your stocks and shares ISA- you’d take a thumping loss. The only way you will realise that loss is by cashing in now .

You will probably lose the value of your holiday if you weren’t insured, get over it, you chose not to be insured.

You may be laid off, you will be poorer for that but the financial community and the Government are putting in plans that means that Coronavirus is unlikely to be a financial catastrophe. Remember, we live with these risks anyway. Keep calm and carry on.

3.  You may be lucky enough to already have Coronavirus.  Did you wake up with a ticklish throat or find yourself feeling hot and bothered? Everyone is self-checking and worrying at every cough and sneeze. Remember, colds are business as usual. Do not let yourself become a victim of hypochondria.  If you have Coronavirus, you are in a strong position, there are only 10-15,000 people like you in the UK and you are first in the queue for good health care. People getting Coronavirus in June may wish they’d had it in March.

4. You haven’t had Coronavirus and are worried about June. The Government is looking to flatten (catten) the curve so that the NHS can cope even at peak times.

As recent blogs have shown, this Government has a clever strategy and Britain is known for being good at handling Pandemics.

If you want to understand this strategy better, I suggest you read Dr Souxie Wiles excellent article in full.

5. One thing is certain – you will die. When I was walking around Edinburgh’s Scottish Museum of Art, I came accross a medieval depiction of the crucifixion with a momento mori at the bottom of the cross. A momento mori is a reminder that we are going to die (this one was a rotting corpse).

Coronavirus is a momento mori and if it has woken you up to the fact that you are going to die then good. Preparing for death, whether it be through purchasing life insurance or saying your prayers, is a good thing to do.



Here are five things that should give you comfort

  1. 80% of people in this country are likely to get Coronavirus – you are not alone
  2. Yes , this virus is going to cost you, but not enough to make you ill or kill you.
  3. If you get it now – lucky you.
  4. If you get it later, you will be in a queue , but it won’t seem so weird.
  5. You are going to die, use this as a wake up call .



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Catten the curve and keep smiling


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  1. John Mather says:

    I am reminded of the quote attributed to a few
    ”If you want to make God laugh….tell him your plans”

    I was to have flown to Vancouver for a holiday on April 3rd

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