Women rock

It should come as no surprise to anybody that the two leading candidates for our next prime minister are women. Leadsom and May have survived the BREXIT disaster with their dignity intact and integrity intact.

I would have no worries having Andrea Leadsom as my Chancellor and Theresa May as my Prime Minister .  Leadsom would also make a good Prime Minister.  The idea of this country being governed by women comes as a pleasant prospect after the male dominated “debate” we have just had.

The enormous unlocked potential of female leadership has still to be properly recognised in this country. But as we move from a plutocracy to a meritocracy , we men cannot avoid the obvious conclusion that “women rock”.

My favourite BBC gaffe of recent days is their much tweeted comment


The world moves to the beat of the 19th and 20th centuries when women were subject to this kind of nonsense as a matter of course.

I want to listen to women because they bring a fresh intelligence to the male thought-hegemony that has dominated my world for my past 54 years.

And I am so immersed in that world that I continue to behave like Sid the Sexist, without knowing it! Angela Rayner – who this week is Shadow Secretary for Education, boxed my ears to referring to her as “Colin Meech’s woman” only last Tuesday!

One of the reasons that women rock- is that they can forgive and forget male idiocy like mine! We are all as bad as each other and need re-education!

And so for business as for politics?

Equate the boardroom with the cabinet and the door’s now open, we have yet to see the arrival of equal gender boardrooms but this is a matter of time. The equilibrium will happen as we move towards a meritocracy.

The idea that companies, like countries , can be managed by women, is slowly seeping into our DNA.

The glass ceiling is not being shattered, it is slowly being dismantled. This is not a revolution as I imagined it would be when I was at college, this is an evolutionary progression.

But political and business leadership are just the start. The deepest inequalities between men and woman persist in our social world – in the day to day decision making which regularly relegates the emotional intelligence of women to a distant second place.

Mea Culpa

For us men, recognising that women are natural leaders is not a natural activity. Many of us have sexism hard coded into our brains. We need new circuit boards but we are not going to get them overnight. Instead we are going to have to see the neurological plumbing re-arrange itself over time.

In the meantime- to my female readers – “mea culpa”! And to my male readers, here’s the message

“women rock”.

the sooner we can re-wire – the better!


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  1. Brian Gannon says:

    ANGELA Rayner may be more forgiving if you remember her name is not Andrea Rayner

  2. henry tapper says:

    Good spot – thanks Brian, sorry Angela

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