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our Wendy


Sometime you need a job done well, for me it tends to start with water pouring through a light socket after someone left the bath-tap running upstairs!

A lot of the time we’re called in to do some financial plumbing and end up managing the estate!

Whether by a plumber or an actuary, we want to know we’re going to get a proper job done.

If you’re a First Actuarial customer, it will come as no surprise that your financial plumber is one of the first firms to be externally accredited for Quality Assurance!

Infact it looks like our Wendy hardly broke sweat

“no surprises..common sense.. key processes in place”.

A case of inaction in action!

Love actuary!

I’m not an actuary and First Actuarial is a very “actuarial” firm, you might wonder why I get excited by confirmation we’re a classy bunch!

Well having worked 33 years with firms where quality work wasn’t always assumed, it has come as a shock to work with people like Wendy who do quality in their sleep.

There’s a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance;  a self-confident firm can accept external auditors may know better, arrogant firms don’t listen.

Having made some “suggestions” to our actuariesI know what happens next! A right royal barney that will see faces flushed with one moment with laughter, the next with indignation!  “Love actuary”- we didn’t do QAS for the badge, we did it to improve

Value for money?

Some people grudge paying actuarial fees ; but if you can be assured that you are getting an actuary who’ll get it right, and right first time, then those fees are value for money.

You know with actuaries what you’ll pay. Either a fixed fee or what’s on the clock. If you’re paying by time/cost you need the assurance of quality- and now you’ve got it. But -heh – was it ever in doubt?



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