Boris has spoken…




At around 4.45 on a windy Sunday afternoon, Boris shuffled onto a London pavement and delivered the news that he was supporting Brexit and joining Vote Leave.

If you haven’t seen the clip (on the Sky news twitter feed) , you soon will

Thankfully Guido was on hand to transcribe the great man’s utterance


I don’t think you can compare Boris to Winston Churchill in what he’s done. But he is likely, were he be put on, to prove most royally. If this nation had a great crisis, which I severely hope we don’t, it would be to Johnson that we would turn to.

The genius is in “Vote Leave” -a seemingly off the cuff characterisation of whatever the outers want to call themselves. I suspect it has instantly hit it’s mark ( a hit a palpable hit).

The genius – after all the bumbling is in that final sentence – that has clearly been rehearsed.

“I  want a better deal for the people of this country to save them money and to take back control”.

With that sentence, Boris Johnson announced his challenge to become the next leader of the Conservative party and – in all likelihood- our next prime minister.




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3 Responses to Boris has spoken…

  1. ancientllm says:

    So Boris shows he is no different from the rest of the Tory hierarchy whose only interest is ensuring they have control of the rest of us mere mortals without interference. A better deal for the rest of the people of the UK? Don’t make me laugh (well not too much). If Boris and the rest of the Tories really wanted a better deal for the people of this country they would stand side and let Jeremy Corbyn take over.

  2. Gerry Flynn says:

    Boris who?

  3. Peter D Beattie says:

    BJ’s comment for reason to ‘leave’ is just not logical! What he really is saying I do not want to ‘Leave’ as I am a ‘European’! How can he possibly hope to achieve a ‘more reformed EU’ from outside if we leave? The spirit is there but he is being just not practical. Our choice is now the ‘best’ of only two ‘bad choices’.

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