Pro Bono – remember that? Hat’s off to ICPA and QTAC


Tony Margaritelli – Chair -ICPA


Alex Rowson- Technical Director – QTAC

I’ve been blogging recently about failure

  1. The failure of the Investment Association to align itself with the interests of its ultimate customers- consumers
  2. The failure of the NAPF to engage with employers not in the club (namely the 1.8 m employers still to stage , 95% of whom have no workplace pension)
  3. The greed and opportunism of certain professional bodies who seem more interested in profit than the good of their membership – let alone the public good

So it’s good to turn to two good guys – the payroll software company QTAC and the accountants network ICPA, who have joined forces with Pension PlayPen and the Pensions Regulator to deliver a series of free training seminars for accountants and their payroll managers.

These seminars have already kicked off and jolly good fun they have been so far. If you are in payroll or an accountant- whether you are a QTAC customer, an ICPA member ..or not, you can come.

Just check out the list of venues and sign up to the one that best suits you, the list is here


And here is what is so different about how QTAC and ICPA have gone about this.

Instead of starting with the focus “what can we make out of this”, they’ve started by asking what their members/customers want. They are aligned with the needs of the people who use them.

Instead of ducking the hard issues of engaging and educating 1.8m reluctant employers, they’ve gone and done something about it.

And rather than try and make a quick buck, they’ve offered Pension PlayPen without any mark up on our factory gate price.


Which means that customers and members who come to these seminars can learn how to help clients into the auto-enrolment process and make that process BAU

  1. At no cost to them (other than getting to the seminars)
  2. With top quality speakers- thanks to tPR for providing their talk free – without travel expenses
  3. And with fabulous products – at reasonable prices.

If Harriet Baldwin wanted to understand how advice can be delivered to the mass market at the lowest possible price (and I will be making this point directly to her) , then she should come to one of these seminars.


Tony Margaretelli, Chair of ICPA and  Alex Rowson, Technical Director of QTAC, who have masterminded their organisation’s auto-enrolment offerings, are examples to others, especially those bodies I’ve been castigating, that you do not have to profiteer to make profits.

I salute these guys, thank them for their support and hope that you will join us in a common endeavour to restore confidence in pensions and make auto-enrolment a success for the millions of employers and employees yet to stage!


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