Pension PlayPen teams up with aeExchange


Pension PlayPen has teamed up with Juan Ho’s aeEchange to provide a holistic service for employers struggling with auto-enrolment.

Many tens of thousands of employers have already benefited from Ho’s software. Remarkably Payroo, which provides an integrated payroll payment and RTI reporting system is free for employers with less than 10 employees. It’s big brother service- Able Internet Payroll is one of the most competitive services available to the smaller employer.

Now Ho has brought out new software for his existing Payroo and Able Customers which can be used independently by employers to provide returns to HMRC and manage auto-enrolment duties.

This is a significant development for the smaller UK employers without the resources to outsource payroll  to a commercial bureau and for bureaux lacking support from their software suppliers to manage auto-enrolment and/or manage RTI.aeexchange2

The software integrates with Pension PlayPen to allow employers and their agents to pre-assess the workforce and choose the right pension for their staff.

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Using the latest API technology, Ho’s aeExchange catapults these small employers to the front of the queue.

Not for the first time, Ho has pulled a rabbit from his hat and in the nick of time as the bulk of employers start staging from January 2016.

Details of the service are available at

Juan and his can be found at

Unit 101, China House,
395 Edgware Road,
United Kingdom

Contact Numbers

  • Help / Support – 020 8452 9516
  • Sales – 020 8452 9516
  • Joint venture – 020 8452 9516
  • Investors – 020 8452 9516
  • Fax number – 020 8452 9516

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  1. There is no need for any small employer to feel they cannot outsource their payroll. Several of the payrolls we administer have only 1 employee. Nothing too small and our prices are ridiculously reasonable. Remember our motto: Service Is The Key

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