Don’t be daunted – it’s not hard (or expensive) to choose the best workplace pension for your staff

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If you are a boss, or act for a boss as an accountant, financial adviser or payroll manager, you may be getting worried about auto-enrolment.

You’ve probably had your little brown envelope from the Pension Regulator telling you that you have been allotted your own staging date.


Don’t be daunted, getting a pension in place for your staff and managing the new process called auto-enrolment is not as hard as some would make you think.

Plan ahead and use the tools available to you. The Pension Regulator has an excellent ten point plan which- providing you stick to it- should see you through.

You’ll need some help from the people who manage your payroll and you’ll need some help on the pension.

If you don’t know where to start on the pension, watch this 10 minute video.


If you want to choose a pension for real, go to

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