What you want and what you get- Happy Christmas!

Because it is early on Christmas morning I should start by saying happy Christmas.

bear 2I am not in bed because I have a code and have been listening to Jane Garvey talking about the changing way we listen to radio.

Later versions of this post may have the podcast of this fascinating program but it is not up on www.bbc.co.uk yet.

As a 50 something, it is harder for me to adapt to being able to get what I want when I want it, the thrill of getting a radio program at 4am on Christmas morning that was exactly what I wanted. What I wanted included extracts from Serial, Rachael, the drunk Doctor’s moving conversations with Victoria Derbyshire and a gender changing DJ talking excitedly about being accepted by her Yorkshire listeners.

As I hunted around the BBC radio i-player library, I realised that there was so much of what I wanted here, it was making me sad. I wanted to have a program thrust into my hand and to be told – go and listen to this (young man).

Ok the “young man” bit is peripheral.

It was sad to hear that the people who create Podcasts that pretty well do this for you, have difficulty getting paid. It was interesting though that people are developing personalised podcasts that pick up on your listening habits and create programs that bring together exactly what you want when you want to get it.

This is of course the essence of retailing. Running an online business, I know that when my customers want to buy, I need to give them a clear run at what they want so they can get it with no fuss.

This particular message, which is going to nearly 11,000 people who follow me on linked in, plus another 4000 (probably the same misguided wretches) who follow me on twitter, may or may not be exactly what you want how you want it.

The only way to tell, will be by the comments, likes and reads this blog gets on social media.

Like the bear in the picture, I enter the bin head first, in hope more than expectation. Like the bear, I will probably find myself embarrassed, but hopefully in an enjoyable way.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it- HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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