Into the heart of darkness – ooops Midlothian!


I sit in a Pret at Heathrow Terminal 5 contemplating a day ahead in Edinburgh. Like Conrad’s travellers , I will venture into unknown and seemingly hostile territory inhabited by Caledonian tribes – a far away people about whom we know nothing.

Up there sits a latter-day Mr Kurtz, leader of these primitive people, presiding over his fiefdom with feudal authority. Step forward Gregg McClymont.

For me to venture into the head offices of both Standard and Scottish Life, is foolhardy, to combine it with a meeting of the Clans at the Cargo Business Lounge is downright suicidal.

Al lunchtime, in said lounge, I will listen to the Macdonalds and the Campbells beating seven bells out of each other over whether they can afford to be independent of us Sassenach.

There is a strong contingent within the Pension Play Pen, headed by our Treasurer Mr Bill Whitehead who would like nothing more than to out the Celtic Fringe to Euroland and be done with them. I suspect that Gregg has other ideas.

We will hear this lunchtime whether the tangled web weaved by successive generations of pensions legislators can be unravelled so that we can properly divide Scottish pension liabilities from those of the rest of Britain.

My guess is that this would be the economic equivalent of separating Siamese twins; even if we managed the severance, the weaker party would bleed to death in time.

But there are other, better reasons to keep Scotland in the Union. Gregg for one. Without the cheery Celt in Westminster, Britain would be a glummer place. Bravo to our next pensions minister for turning up at our humble luncheon today.

Let’s hope he gets a great turnout and that we have as lively a debate as ever. This is a pay as you eat event (PAYE). Typically the bill is shared at around £15 (17 Euros to the independence enthusiasts). All are welcome though we expect you to sign up to the linked in group if you turn up at the meal.


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