Spamta Claws coming to town

Santa Claws

Santa Claws (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

grumpy old men 2It took me 51 years to clock it , but Santa is a spammer. Spamta. as I will now call him has invaded my inbox at least ten times a day throughout advent sending me seasons greetings in the names of my worstest friends.

I suspect that Spamta’s mailing list is longer than Martin Lewis‘. And not only is the bearded wonder adept at the banal e-mail message – oh no no no! Spamta is hard at work on linkedin , Facebook and Twitter.

I am in the final days of my penance for being over linkedin. On  boxing day I will rise with the larks and request my Californian friends to lift the embargo that I’ve earned for being too damned friendly .

But Spamta suffers no such restriction. Only today, his little helper Thelma Cochran (who double as Linkedin’s stooge on the Pension Play Pen) was hard at it, delivering me unwanted felicitations.

I write from sunny Tenerife where I am mentally limbering up to defeat my upstart 15 year old at tennis. I suspect that 15 and 51 don’t have much more in common than a couple of numbers but we share our lives through social media sites as though we were twins

Melissa Nelson who has been in touch on twitter. She is staying with family  in the adjacent village to ours, the endless power of social media!

Which is why these new technologies are such a blast, and why they should be kept Spamta free.

My Christmas wish is that Spamta, Thelma , Dr Alimentado and all our other worthless slices of spam, get back in their tin and leave us to enjoy a little polite conversation.

So no Christmas felicitations from the grumpy old plowman.

Get off your phone and go and do something more usefiul instead!




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