Growing old angrily- Lou Reed at the Odeon

Perfect Day (Lou Reed album)
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My contribution to Gerontology this week is to bring you the news of the world’s angriest old age pensioner move over Victor- Lou Reed is the real deal.

Seated at the Hammersmith Apollo I observed the serried ranks of baby boomers awaiting the appearance of Lou while humming to themselves “Perfect Day“. Dreams were shattered as Lou kicked off with “Who loves the sun?”a song that has been deriding the Beach Boys and Californian fun culture for 45 years.

Lou’s set was structured around power chords, loud drumming and splenetic ejaculations into his microphone. I loved it. If ever a man has refused to go gently into that deep night it’s our Lou.

Only Lou could have dismissed his ardent fan’s welcome thus;-

“We love you Lou”

“By now you should have known I love you too!”

 Lou had kicked off his set with love  , but the love of Lou is tough love.  My missus hated the set  – branding  it unmusical. He didn’t play anything off Transformer or Berlin (and anyway she has issues of my stealing her dish cloths).

Here’s a clip (from the show before the one I watched) of Venus in Furs.     Venus in Furs 2011


My friend Debora Price studies old people (gerontology). Having in the past ten years seen performances by Johnny Cash, the Everlys, Simon and Garfunkel, Brian Wilson and now Lou, I would urge you to do the same.

Angry old men rock.


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