A plurality of villains

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I am really hacked off at the Government for referring Mr Murdoch’s bid to pick up the other 60% of BSkyB to the Monopolies Commission. This kicks the issue into the long grass for a couple of years which is just what Rupert wanted and just what we didn’t need.

The argument for blocking the bid by the MMC is to with plurality. Plurality is a legal word  which is supposed to be good for competition but as politics’ answer to Les Dawson put it on the radio this morning.

We don’t need plurality we need morality

Well said that Prescott man.

What do you get when you put Robert Maxwell, Conrad Black and Rupert Murdoch in a room? Answer- plurality. Plurality of villains can also be found in HM Belmarsh, HM Bodmin Moor etc.

Morality is not a relative terms, you cannot have good or bad morality it is what it is – absolute.

Maxwell took the trust out of trustee – immoral

Black assumed the Sultan of Brunei as a governance role model – immoral

Murdoch turned a free press into a moral free press…

What we have we fight for, our country runs without a formal constitution on a fragile consensus which is the highest form of democracy known to man. It has a regenerative capacity that works on the basis of excretion. Murdoch needs to be excreted right now. Craven fecal waste that he is.

The means that we govern ourselves, rid ourselves of these bullies  has just got a whole lot better. The advent of a new media based on genuine consensus means that the silent majority has just got noisy and Murdoch no longer is the only voice in town, we speak for ourselves.

Oh Brave New World that has such people in it.

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