“I’ve a PHD in economics – not gloomy economics” Wilson at #PLSAannual19

For me the highlight of day one of the PLSA Annual Conference was Nigel Wilson’s keynote – “The power of pensions”. Although the video is 28 minutes long, I urge you to watch or – as good – listen.

I had heard that Wilson might be stepping down from his role as CEO of Legal and General but this sounds like “stepping up” to the challenge of making pensions relevant to ordinary people.

Here is the exam question

Pensions can be a force for good in society – creating intergenerational opportunities and funding key areas including infrastructure, housing, healthcare and technology. Pensions can also help ease economic inequality and shore up our nation’s future. How can our industry embrace the power of pensions?

And the critical point of the speech comes half way through

I/we need to harness Wilson’s energy , vitality, conviction and positivity if we are to make pensions relevant to everyone and I’m very grateful that the man is still CEO of Legal and General when so many of his peers have faltered.

The PLSA Annual Conference was illuminated by this speech and by Wilson’s presence.


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